The Value of Song in Society 

In my years of playing music at all types of venues and scenarios, I notice things about people and situations, in the position of either hired musician or background busker. It puts me in a position of sociological observer. Sometimes I'll be riding to my gigs in my loaded up jalopy vehicle, of the moment, making sure to allow enough time for set up, and doing the requisite mental checklist of equipment. Alongside myself in traffic, I see the aggressive tension of the day, with other drivers sternly jockeying for better position, and snarling as they pass. It is a recurring slice of society that most people within a stones throw of an urban area know well. When I reach my destinations and set up, and start playing music, I see another side of humanity frequently. I see people start to feel socially liberated, relaxed, and other musicians connecting in the collective camaraderie of creating and enjoying music. Smiles and a relaxed vibe. I host open mike jams, and the players know that feeling of shared musical exultation. I play for a wide swath of types of people. I play the old folks homes, where the momentary musical escape is absolutely essential for those faced with a dreary and declining outlook. Frequently, vacant stares, turn to sharp eyed expressions of smiling recognition. Recognizing the songs, and the feeling of joy. I still busk occasionally to supplement my pursuit of music as livelihood. That is a true blend of all types, with some folks breaking into song and dancing along with me, sometime others "not having it". I give lessons and see the epiphany of people's personal discovery of their own ability to play, and the dawning of a true pleasure discovered for themselves. I'll sum it all up to say, that especially in this modern, and frequently hostile society, music and participation in it, is the antidote. The material things are not the essence of the soul. Music and the connecting power of it, are curative to a damaged societal psyche, that seems now to be in a psychological spiral of self abhorrence. Engage and sing along. You might enjoy it. 


Ukulele is bigtime popular right now. I have been hosting lesson/jams with all ages participating. Also I do one time ukulele pop up lessons. I show up with ukuleles and teach a lesson, and have folks playing along within minutes. An easy instrument to learn, and a great way to get families playing music together. 

I have so many music influences, that I have absorbed throughout my life.    

Blues, Rockabilly, vintage country, Soul, Instrumental Surf music, 60's garage music, British Invasion, ska, standards, Funk, and so much more, and always absorbing more. 

 Copyright © Dino Delray

"Back Deck Picking" video/song

This recording I did in Nashville, has shown itself to be a popular live song, and always seems to get folks moving and grooving. I've used it as background in some regional advertising. 

   We are at tail end of summer, and fall and winter are just around the corner. Five and Dime Combo will be at "Baugher's Orchard" again this year every weekend day from the last weekend in Sept. through the month of October. We offer up an all ages mix that is ideal for this kind of event. If you're in Westminster during the pumpkin pickin' stop by and say hi. Also I will be providing music at Kelly Moore Sheds on Dec. 6,7,8 for the big Christmas season event weekend. I hope to get some of  the ukulele folks to show off their repertoire, and on the Friday I will have my band doing a showcase.                    I'll mention I have been hosting in the round jam/open mikes/singalongs. They are a hybrid mix of jam, open mike, and karaoke. I have one or two mikes with acoustic jammers, and books with lyrics for singalong. I think it's very needed in this tense, and depersonalized modern culture to take things back to basics of camaraderie and fun in musical form. Similar to what they used to call hootenannies.                                                 It's starting to kick in and getting busy. If you would like music for your event, contact me at:                    Phone: 301-980-5708